Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Mirror & the Lamp

A quote:
"To Coleridge the threat of science to poetry lay, more profoundly, in the mistaken and unbounded metaphysical pretensions of atomism and mechanism--in Coleridge's view, a useful working hypothesis for physical research which had been illicitly converted first into fact, and then into a total worldview."

Los Angeles is singing her quiet wind-chrome song again in my deepest ears - Cloaked in the coils of darkness in my head, she is pressing her smallest and softest lips to my ear drum, and whispering.
"Knowledge! History! The Snake! The Sea Star!"

According to Bowra, who wrote "The Romantic Imagination" quoted in The Mirror and The Lamp, the romantic poets "agreed on one single point : that the creative imagination is closely connected with a peculiar insight into an unseen order behind visible things."

We say it a thousand times, but we must always be humbled. Honesty always always includes humility, little did Wittgenstein know.


Dinner Woman said...
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Dinner Woman said...

I believe we have learned much about humility and honesty this week. Hmmm, I pray that you may continue to do so as you travel north. Bon Voyage!

Flybaby said...

Just wanted to say thank you.