Monday, August 21, 2006

Queen: an opening mouth

More than what you are Los Angeles;
you, like every small god, are
a brilliant metaphor, clammed
and cool. You take your place in line.
You herald your own coming.
You chomp your stainless jaws robotically,
waiting for the ventriloquist.
But I will not be this, for you.
Oh queen, oh giant thing on whom
my mind has found its parasitic life,
quit blubbering like a thin-boned
hollywood broad, and climb the thin stroke
of my body; I have cleared a place for
you. I had myself beheaded, for you,
sweet Lady Blue, vulgur with voided eyes,
delicate vulture, whose fingers stretch, red and white,
down the freeways every night.
A pestilent creature has opened
its groin with your name, but
I will steal it away. I have taken up
the habit of dragging the desert
in my teeth.
I desire your beauty, Los Angeles.


s.t.liaw said...

does this mean you're back in town? :) It's good you're here, but moreso since the McMillans and the Shackelfords are gone.

Ryan said...

This needs to be animated with stop-motion and set to a haunting instrumental soundtrack while being read by Hethe.

Justin said...

Hey, draw some pictures of it with that fancy pants pen of yours.