Thursday, January 22, 2009

One Another

So we’ve come to this—
where you and I will meet
across time

and I'll agree to the idea
of your presence

and you'll agree to mine.

What can I offer you?,
except to say
I’m here,

and not for service—
I’m here in the other sense:

160 pounds,
relatively hot

and pressing down
on a rotating chair.

If I kept only one belief
and I do

it's that you and I
could have held each other—

instead, in you
my written line

by your choice
comes, and leaves

If there is a what,
I’d want it to be this:

that you and I agree
the world I’m in exists

in which we could hold,
or could have,

one another.

1 comment:

Ryan H. said...

You could extend Ki to me,or rather acknowledge that Ki is extending, which turns out to be efficacious. Maybe this is what you are writing about. Respecting one anothers Ki?