Sunday, May 15, 2005

Firefox & The Beauty of Ideas

Well, I finally switched this computer over to Firefox, so I can once again begin posting. Blogger and Opera are not on friendly terms.
Been thinking about the whole Antony Flew conversion this morning... read a new article about it, his intellectual process, "following the evidence, like Socrates" he says. I am convinced that we are not convinced by reason - rather, that I am not convinced by powerful reasoning, but rather by submission in my soul to ideas. I am neither convinced nor unconvinced by reasoning - instead I stand gaping with abuliac shock at the pearly gates of heaven and earth - to make a step I must submit. What makes a man step one way or another? Dante's two or three discourses on free will in Purgatory by Virgil and some pentient soul in the cornice of the Wrathful have been milling about in my head since last night, and I am excited. Excited because no matter how depressing and heavy they can be, ideas are very beautiful, especially when they hang like stars in your mind above the perfect landscape of space and time.


KMOB said...

my show is going to open the 4th of june in the main gallery at biola. i will have to come up to oregon sometime in the next two weeks, but i might not have time to run all the way up to portland. but i will let you know as the details shake out...

s.t.liaw said...

Just dropped in to say hi.

Hope you are doing well.