Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Humic Songs

Finally finished the second draft on my second booklet of poetry. It clearly needs a third draft as I read through it, but it is also definitely better than the first. It is teaching me alot about what I believe concerning Human nature, and hopefully giving me insight into characteristics of our Nature which I don't understand, therefore don't believe (am I equating understanding and belief?). If you are interested in a copy, let me know.
The world is beautiful. The air has been so clean and warm this week - blue skies, light green poplar tops, fresh with young leaves. I am currently on the Cornice of the Lustful, with Virgil, Statius, and Dante. There is a discourse going on again on human nature - the coexistence of soul and body.

Out to mow the lawn.

1 comment:

KMOB said...

please take this comment as
a request for you to jot
and tittle my name
down, ink-dripping
hawk-handmedown quilfeather,
onto a small piece
of paper reserved for poem requests